Our Philosophy

At Pied Piper Preschool we believe that children matter. We think that childhood should be a time of joy and wonder. Of curiosity, creativity and play. We believe in helping each child explore and develop their own unique potential. We also help them learn to be part of a community - developing friendships and a sense of belonging as they work and play together.

We believe that children are strong and capable. They are thinkers, problem solvers and experimenters. We help them to experience this for themselves by providing challenging, engaging and meaningful learning experiences. We climb trees, we garden, we cook and we make things. We use real materials and real tools as much as possible. We ask why and we take the time to find out. Above all we support children to become confident and capable learners as well as kind and caring friends.

We recognise that each child is part of a family and we celebrate and respect the diverse range of backgrounds that all of our children come from. We pride ourselves on forming warm and supportive relationships with our families and we see to work with parents and family members in all that we do.

We value our place in the local community and are grateful for the connections that we have with those around us. By reaching out beyond the preschool gate we help children to see themselves as part of the broader community too.

At Pied Piper we want to make a place where children will love to be. A place that they will feel is their own. A place for childhood to happen.